Where is all the Full-Fat yogurt?

I was food-shopping today at Trader Joe’s, and I really like greek-style yogurt with fruit in it, but they only had two fruity greek yogurts available.  I’d tried one of them before and wasn’t that impressed, so I took the other one to try.  I wanted more than one yogurt, though, so I browsed through the rest of the yogurts (non-greek-style) to see if there were other fruit flavors I wanted, and I couldn’t help noticing that there were NO FULL-FAT YOGURTS.  Well, I lied, there was one, but it was a large container of plain yogurt.  That’s it, in a fully stocked yogurt section.  All of the greek-style yogurts were fat-free, but it doesn’t bother as much since greek-style is creamy anyway.  However, the last time I was in a store that sells the Chobani brand of greek yogurt, I noticed that out of around 8 flavors, 6 were non-fat, and only 2 were 2% fat.  I got really angry today, and left Trader Joe’s with only that one yogurt to try.  But really, where are my options if I am opposed to using “diet” foods?  Am I going to eventually have to make my yogurt by hand if I want to include fat in my food-intake?

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One Response to Where is all the Full-Fat yogurt?

  1. Samantha C says:

    ooh my, I can’t stand low-fat Greek yogurt. The whole point for me is the thickness and richness and texture. I’ve never had any bad luck finding full-fat Fage yogurt in any grocery store, and those come with strawberry or peach or cherry or honey and a bunch of others.

    Now that I think about it, it might be interesting to taste western-style (is there an actual term for ‘not-greek yogurt’?) in a full-fat variety. But the non-fat and low-fat kinds are so watery to me. Yogurt has just gotten this very strong “women’s food” code, which carries with it a “diet food” code. It’s both obnoxious and fascinating that you weren’t able to find it full-fat at all.

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