The Relief

I have a very busy life right now as a grad student in one of the most demanding fields and a part-time job as well.  Last year was the same, only I was also trying to gather up some self-control to restrain my eating.  It was TORTUROUS.  I was reading around the fatosphere tonight and something reminded me of how I literally had an entire extra “job” to do any time I thought about food, and then I felt so HAPPY that that burden, and the guilt of not successfully attending to it,  is gone.  Just gone!  Sometimes it blows my mind that it’s so difficult for people to accept size acceptance when it literally makes every minute of my life better.

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2 Responses to The Relief

  1. Ashley says:

    I can’t believe some people think it’s impossible to just learn how to love yourself. It’s always:

    No I have to lose weight.
    No I have to get a boob job.
    No I have to dye my hair and get a whole makeover.

    It’s so frustrating to know that they don’t have to do all those things.

  2. fattery says:

    I really only mind what other people think they have to do because most people think they have to do the same things, and that sets an annoying and oppressive cultural standard.

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