Hi!  I am a 29-year-old woman who always felt shamed yet rebellious when told her body was lacking.  Now that I know that these movements exist, I whole-heartedly support fat and size acceptance.  They have existed for quite some time (dating back to the 1970s, from what I’ve read), but I sadly only luckily found them in July 2010.

Some other things about me, since this blog is (currently) anonymous (I’m debating what its status will be in the future) and I’d like to give you a little something more than just my voice:

I am fiercely independent, and I promote stereotype-questioning environments.

I am in grad school for architecture, and I’m trying to weave in some body politics into my thesis project.

I love to cook, read, swim, bike, and hike (and just generally be both cozy indoors and calm outdoors).

I hate the heat and love snow so much that I am planning my next move to somewhere snowy (there are fewer really snowy U.S. cities than you might think!).

I’m an introvert and an HSP (also unusually an HSS).  I’m an ISTJ on the Meyers-Briggs test, which always bums me out (every time I re-take the test thinking it may have changed) because my career goals are so not-in-line with the “typical” path of my personality type.  I think my personality is a little bi-polar (not in the mental health kind of way…kind of in the HSP-HSS way), though, so I think my chosen career as a nontraditional architecture/design small business owner might be more suited to me than Jung gives me credit for.

I can do fancy tricks with my double-jointed fingers.

I am the oldest child in my family, with two younger brothers.

I am first-generation American, but my parents grew up speaking English, so I had a first-generation childhood, but I don’t think it’s very representative.

I’m a Capricorn, and mentioning it here seems to imply that I put more stock in astrology than I do, but sometimes finding out what someone’s sign is just seems to explain a lot.

I don’t believe in gods of any kind, and never have.  I don’t make a big thing about it (but maybe that’s because I’ve only lived in communities where not-believing hasn’t been a “problem”).

I’m currently single, and I really like it.  I don’t online date, but I don’t judge anyone who does–I probably would if I had more interest being in a relationship (I would probably need to have less pride, as well.  I can be annoyingly proud).  I might want kids, but I’m not sure.  I want kids more than I want a significant other, so I’m not sure how that would play out, but we’ll see.

I have a hard time eating pizza without a side of applesauce–they complement each other so well!


So there you go!  Welcome to my private-thoughts-made-public!